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The crackling bread contains several types of grains and seeds,
with an exciting taste of herbs and sea salt.
This extra coarse crackling bread contains
only natural raw materials.

Knekkebrød Urter&Havsalt 220g Sigdal

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  • Ingredients
    Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, combined rye 16%, oat bran 15%, oat groats 14%, linseed, spelled bran 4%, buckwheat bran 4%, sea salt 1%, salt, herbal mixture 0.4%.

    Nutritional content per 100g/ml
    Energy 488 kcal / 2032 kJ
    Fat 26.6 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 3.4 g
    Carbohydrates 37.1 g
    of which sugars 1.7 g
    Dietary fiber 13.5 g
    Protein 18.2g
    Salt 1.8 g

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