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MHD/Best before 30.09.23

MHD/Best before / Bei diesem Produkt ist das Haltbarkeitsdatum abgelaufen, es ist jedoch zum weiteren Verzehr geeignet.This product has passed its expiry date, but is still suitable for further consumption.

The best-seller Gifflar cinnamon has increased weight, a better degree of filling and is baked with eggs from free-range hens.

Gifflar Kanel 300g Pågen

Artikelnummer: MHD/Best before 30.09.23
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  • Ingredients
    Wheat flour, water, sugar, rapeseed oil, brown sugar, fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut, rapeseed), apricot kernels, almonds, skimmed milk, eggs, invert sugar, yeast, grain food (barley), salt, modified starch, baking powder (e450, e500) , vegetable emulsifier (e471), preservative (e200, e282), thickener (e4440), acidity regulator (e300), cinnamon (0.7%).

    Nutritional content per 100g/ml
    Energy 373 kcal / 1559 kJ
    Fat 14 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 2.8 g
    Carbohydrates 52 g
    of which sugars 19 g
    Protein 7.3 g
    Salt 0.76 g