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Svolvær pastei is a spreadable fish spread based on cod roe and cod liver. Naturally rich in vitamin D and omega-3.

Svolværpostei 100g

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  • Ingredients
    Cod roe 38%, cod liver 24%, rapeseed oil, water, tomato puree, salt, sugar, vinegar, potato flakes, soy protein, thickener (carob kernel flour), guar kernel flour, corn starch), smoke flavor, natural pepper flavor.

    Nutritional content per 100g/ml
    Energy 370 kcal / 1528 kJ
    Fat 35 g
    of which monounsaturated fatty acids 17 g
    of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 11 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 4.6 g
    Carbohydrates 2.7 g
    of which sugars 1.3 g
    Dietary fiber 0 g
    Protein 11 g
    Salt 1.9 g

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