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Heavenly crispy dry fish, extra crispy but also suitable for the sane. Completely natural treats, with a strong and mild taste. This is traditional food served in a modern way. During drying, 70% of the water in the fish disappears, while the nutrients remain. Naturally rich in protein, iodine, B12 and B vitamins.
Lofoten Dried fish snacks made from cod caught in the North-East Atlantic.

Tørrfisksnacks Sprø Biter 30g Lofoten

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  • Ingredients
    Dried cod fish (Gadus morhua), salt. Catch zone: Northeast Atlantic Ocean.

    Nutritional content
    Energy 1465 kJ (350 kcal)
    Fat  1.0 g
    - of which saturated fat < 1.0 g
    Carbohydrates  0 g
    - of which sugars 0 g
    Fiber  0 g
    Protein  84.0
    Salt 2.0 g

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